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War Flying: Wireless LAN Hunts Go Airborne ( July 29, 2002 )
Hobbyist wireless LAN sniffers are now taking their war-driving skills to the air, detecting hundreds of WLAN access points during short trips in private planes cruising at altitudes between 1500 and 2500 feet. A Perth, Australia-based "war flier" recently managed to pick up e-mails and Internet Relay Chat conversations from an altitude of 1500 feet.

Wavelink Solutions Improve Security of Wireless LAN's, Handhelds: ( July 29, 2002 )
The solutions provide for Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key rotation and the robust detection of rogue access points anywhere on an organization's wireless LAN.

Wi-Fi honypots a new hacker trap: ( July 30, 2002 )
Last month researchers at the government contractor Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) launched what might be the first organized wireless honeypot, designed to tempt unwary Wi-Fi hackers and bandwidth borrowers and gather data on their techniques and tools of choice.

Exploiting and Protecting 802.11b Wireless Networks: ( Sept 4, 2001 )
How many network administrators do you think would allow a complete stranger to walk into their wiring closet and plug in their notebook to their company's network? Not too many, I suspect. But that's what's happening to companies coast-to-coast. Well, not exactly. Strangers aren't plugging into networks, but they are attaching to networks using 802.11b wireless network cards, and that's essentially the same thing.

802.1x - Port Based Network Access Control:
Establishes a means for user authentication. 802.1x relies on certificates to identify people, authorize them to access various Wi-Fi networks, and let them travel seamlessly between one and the next. This supplement to ISO/IEC 15802-3:1998 (IEEE Std 802.1D-1998) defines the changes necessary to the operation of a MAC Bridge in order to provide Port based network access control capability.

Better than WEP: Temproal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP ) ( Febuary 1, 2002 )
Will concernof the inherent vulnerability of wireless and inadequate security measures erode consumer confidence in wireless LANs? Not if the WECA and IEEE can stop it.

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