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The Broadband Year 2002 Tech Library:
The Broadband Year 2002 Tech Library is the the premier information source for broadband, featuring market research and analysis from leading analysts, as well as white papers from cutting-edge vendors. Use the Tech Library every time you are looking for the most up to date broadband information.

Quantum Communication:
Entanglement forms the basis for key elements in the burgeoning field of quantum computing and communication. Whether quantum computers will ever be built remains an open question, some researchers say. But if such computers are built, achieving and maintaining entanglement will be critical for everything from processing data to transmitting it.

Quantum entanglement: Going large Nature
Using a new method of generating entanglement, an entangled state involving two macroscopic objects, each consisting of a caesium gas sample containing about 1012 atoms, has now been created. The entangled spin state can survive for 0.5 milliseconds, a long time in this context, bringing practical applications of quantum memory and quantum teleportation a little closer.

It's Teleportation -- For Real
Scientists have made the hard part of teleportation happen --- not on next week's episode of the new Star Trek series, but in a real-life lab in Denmark.

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