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xG Technology: xMax:
"…a new low power, long range broadband technology called xMax. xMax is a novel modulation and encoding technology that boosts the range and power efficiency of all wired and wireless communications. xMax is not a compression technique, but rather a synergistic mix of two well-established communication approaches that dramatically improves spectrum utilization. … xMax delivers broadband data rates orders of magnitude farther than other technologies operating at the same frequency and power level. Conversely, xMax achieves equal range with far less power, thereby improving battery life. Because product designed to operate using xMax show improved range, significantly less infrastructure is required to cover a given service area. "
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IEEE 802.16 WiMax
"WiMAX is a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL. WiMAX will provide fixed , nomadic, portable and, eventually, mobile wireless broadband connectivity without the need for direct line-of-sight with a base station. In a typical cell radius deployment of three to ten kilometers, WiMAX Forum Certifiedª systems can be expected to deliver capacity of up to 40 Mbps per channel, for fixed and portable access applications. This is enough bandwidth to simultaneously support hundreds of businesses with T-1 speed connectivity and thousands of residences with DSL speed connectivity. Mobile network deployments are expected to provide up to 15 Mbps of capacity within a typical cell radius deployment of up to three kilometers. It is expected that WiMAX technology will be incorporated in notebook computers and PDAs in 2006, allowing for urban areas and cities to become MetroZones for portable outdoor broadband wireless access."

IEEE 802.11n
The 802.11n specification, which is expected to take Wi-Fi speeds to 540Mbps will have a joint proposal submitted in Novmember and with luck ratified by January 2006.

SRI: Survey of Selected 802.xx Wireless Standards

IEEE 802.11 Working Group:

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