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UBC wireless LAN to span one million square metres: ( January 14, 2003 )
Based on 802.11 or "WiFi" technology and running at data rates of 54 Mbps, the UBC wireless LAN may eventually include between 1,200 and 1,500 access points, serving 300 buildings and covering more than one million square metres.

Making Wi-Fi Pay: pdf ( April 6, 2002 )
A wireless approach to community networking using 802.11a, b or g brings interesting opportunities and problems. Noted below are four business models.

Boningo: Wireless agregator
Boingo provides convenient Internet access to the mobile user in a growing list of hundreds of public spaces including airports, hotels and cafes. It provides access to existing networks through a single account.

Joltage: commercial incentive
Joltage's free software turns any Internet connected PC with WiFi capability in to a hotspot on the Joltage network.

Sputnik: commercial incentive
Open source software, branding, security and roaming access. Sputnik provides an incentive to both programmers and access point providers.

802.11b Community Network List

BC Wireless:
BC Wireless was started in late 2000 in an effort to form and promote Wireless Communities throughout the province of British Columbia. We are a loose-knit group of individuals working towards creating OpenAccess Community operated wireless networks. We utilize the resources of the bcwireless web site for collaboration and technical coordination.

Phone Network:
This project brings phone calls to the wireless network. Specifically, when this project is completed, you can use your telephone and place and receive calls to/from any other telephone in the world. Your phone will plug into a special antenna mounts under the eave of your roof. Out of this antenna drops four phone lines and one ethernet line, which then get mounted into a wall jack in your home/office. added Febuary 2nd, 2002

Wireless Community Networks: A Guide for Library Boards, Educators, and Community Leaders
This guide offers a beginner's look at the process of using radio frequency wireless technology to connect the computer networks of two or more local public organizations&emdash;school districts, public libraries, municipal and county offices, and others. Such links provide a way to share access to high-speed Internet connections and other electronic resources.

We are working to build a community supported 802.11b wireless network in Sonoma County, CA. We are actively developing WRP (a linux distribution-on-a-floppy that provides wireless support) and NoCat, the centralized authentication code to make shared internet services possible. This site is the central repository for our software, ideas, and information on building wireless networks.

Bay Area Wireless Users Group:
With the understanding that wireless access can and has the potential to significantly reduce the cost and increase the ease to share resources and access to the Internet, the Bay Area Wireless Users Group was founded to promote wireless use for the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Bryant Park Wireless Network, powered by NYCwireless is now available to the public. The network is up and running, and we invite people to come and use it. Bryant Park is located in midtown Manhattan, adjacent to the New York Public Library Main Branch, on Sixth Avenue between 40th and 42nd Streets.

Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN):
CUWiN gives communities a new choice for their communications infrastructure by building a house-to-house wireless "mesh." CUWiN makes it possible for neighbors to share broadband Internet access and services including Voice over IP as an alternative to traditional phone service, and alternatives to radio and cable -- such as live broadcasts from grassroots media-makers at the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center and "Internet radio stations" in subscribers' homes.

"Chi-Fi is the collaborative project of several Chicago based organizations to create a metro WLAN to serve the city and its constituents." Based in Chicago, USA

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