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Icomera Launches W-LAN Hotspot For Trains: ( Jan 30, 2003 )
Swedish wireless solutions provider Icomera has introduced a train-based wireless LAN hotspot service in partnership with the Scandinavian train operator Linx. The first wireless broadband services are now being trailled on board Linx trains travelling between Copenhagen and Gothenburg. The W-LAN service will be available to passengers and railway staff for accessing emails and surfing the internet.

PanGo: Proximity Platform
We're talking about proximity-enabled wireless networks that can identify the location of people and things in spaces, and provide relevant information when and where we need it.

Med Students Learn on PDAs: ( Sept 10, 2002)
Stanford University School of Medicine today announced the successful trial of a new wireless interactive learning system for medical students.

Wireless gadgets to monitor health: ( Sept 7, 2002)
DevStudios is working with Seiko and Sony and the University of Alberta to make wireless gadgets that can monitor people's health. They're developing such things as wrist watches that can tell a person when their blood pressure is too high.

Hook your PDA upto the Net--wirelssly! Here's how: ( July 29, 2002)
…The systems engineer whipped out Symbol's Wireless Networker CF card and asked, "Can you take one of these?" Compaq's iPaq doesn't have a slot that accommodates a CF card. But, fortunately, I had the next best things: an expansion sleeve for the iPaq that takes a PC Card and SanDisk's CF-to-PC Card adapter.

Qualcomm readies 3G/802.11 combo, pushes UMTS with Lucent: ( July 18, 2002)
CDMA chip specialist Qualcomm is planning to integrate 802.11b wireless LAN capabilities in its next generation of chip sets for third generation mobile communications.

SyChip SDIO Card: ( July 10, 2001)
SyChip's forthcoming card will allow any handheld device that includes an SD (secure digital) slot to connect to public Internet access points or corporate networks using the 802.11b standard, also known as WiFi. PDAs (personal digital assistants) such as Hewlett-Packard's Compaq iPaq or several models from Palm come with an SD slot.

Wireless Technolgy and Emergency Services: ( July, 2001)
Cruising down the information superhighway at breakneck speeds, emergency services, digital communications companies, and medical product manufacturers are in a race to provide the best emergency health care possible. They're relying on wireless technology to help them do just that.

Buffalo 802.11b wireless CF Card: ( October 4, 2001)
the idea of carrying a large capacity storage device in a back-pack and having this wireless CF card in a digital camera may still become a reality (assuming digital camera manufacturers decided to support it)

WPG11 Wireless Presentation Gateway: ( April 2002 )
The Wireless Presentation Gateway can be placed within your conference room or anywhere near the projector or monitor. Its high-powered antenna means that you're ready to present from anywhere within line of sight, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables.

RDC-i700 Internet Ready Digital Camera: ( March 2002 )
3.34-megapixel, Internet-ready RDC-i700 captures images and video, sends and receives e-mail including attachments, sends images of documents directly to fax machines, surfs the Web, creates image-rich documents and HTML files, and can FTP data and images directly from the camera. And the 802.11 "technological breakthrough" provides an unlimited number of solutions for business-critical applications that require images or live video to be delivered from remote locations by mobile users, according to Jeff Lengyel of Ricoh's Digital Camera Division.

Enterprise Voice Communications: ( June 25th, 2002 )
Vocera Communications, Inc., a wireless communications company specializing in network-based software and hardware systems, has selected Intersil's small-form-factor PRISM(R) 2.5 Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN) chip set to provide embedded Wi-Fi connectivity for the new advanced Vocera Communications System.

Merging WLAN, WWAN Radios in Mobile Designs: ( July 1st, 2002 )
Wireless LAN (WLAN) and cellular technologies [wireless WAN (WWAN)] are on an integration path in next-generation mobile phone and PDA designs. Mobile phone and PDA manufacturers are adding digital cellular capabilities like GSM/GPRS to their portable computing devices to enable them to be truly mobile through modern packet data networks, and more significantly to enable them to transmit voice communications. At the same time, they are looking to bring in WLAN capabilities so their mobile system architectures can achieve high-speed wireless access in corporate environments and WLAN hotspots

Formula One Racing: ( July 1st, 2002 )
New rules introduced to

VGA Quality Wireless Camera: DSC-1000W DLink
New rules introduced to F1 this year allows teams to use computers to control all electronic aspects of the car while it is actually involved in the race. …The data is assessed and engineers decide if any changes should be made to key areas such as differential and traction control, power, fuel and oil consumption.

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