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Voice Over Internet Protocol is not new but the number of people using it is. There are now a wide range of business models being deployed world wide. The principles behind regulation vary from country to country. Costs range from free to telco implementations transparent to the customer.

Linktionary Sometimes it is good to have an overview that at least to some degree gives some order and history to the many terms and technologies that are VoIP. "Description of Voice over IP (VoIP) from Tom Sheldon's Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunications"

These pages are designed to become a reference to keep perspective on the technology and its impact on society.

Phones VoIP phones come as hardware and software commonly know as hard and soft phones repectively.

WiFi Phones Self contained WiFi SIP Phones and services.

Services VoIP Services, a representative cross section of the voice over IP market. Most of these services are available to anybody anywhere in the world.

PBX VoIP PBX: Private Branch Exchange. A SIP/ H323 / PSTN PBX comes in three basic flavors, Open Source, Proprietary and Virtual.

Peering How do we migrate to VoIP while maintaining universality ? How do we avoid trading geograhic locality for corporate boundaries ?

Components VoIP infrastructure and applications are being provided or aggregated by individual suppliers. In some cases these are carrier grade while in others they distributed using a different business model.

Regulation VoIP regulation or lack there-of can tip the balance toward incumbent providers or provide an advantage to new business models.

Conferences VoIP using SIP is a disruptive technology in terms of existing phone companies. VON conferences provide opportunities for everybody including incumbent service providers.

Jobs Employment opportunities with companies that are involved in voice over network VON services, applications or hardware. Only direct employers are noted here.

News News sources focused on the issues related to voice over internet ( VoIP ).

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