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VoIP: Components

Increasingly infrastructure and applications are being provided or aggregated by individual suppliers. In some cases these are carrier grade while in others they distributed using a different business models including open source licencing. These are things that facilitate or add functionality to voice over internet.

"The mission of SIPfoundry, a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization, is dedicated to the development and adoption of open source Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based communication solutions. SIPfoundry’s projects focus on all aspects of IP communications encompassing user agent solutions (SIP UA SDK, softphone clients, and codecs), Enterprise solutions (complete SIP IP PBX, presence, proxy, and media server solutions), carrier solutions (SIP proxy and presence solutions) as well as SIP interoperability testing solutions and activities." Based in Massachusetts, USA

Voxeo: VoiceXML & CCXML:
"IVR platforms and IVR hosting for enterprises, call centers, and IVR developers." Based in Orlando, FL 32801

X-PRO SDK( Software Development Kit) "Within just a few hours developers are able to integrate the X-PRO SDK solution into their own applications and introduce SIP compliant telephony."
"Click-to-talk" or Virtual Phone Booth( Software Development Kit) "Add Click-to-Talk and Virtual Phone Booth functionality to your web pages and e-mails by using X-PRO Embedded Web Option." Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

XTunnels: freeware:
"XTunnels is a solution for Firewall and Private Proxy traversal for SIP end points. It has been built with one primary purpose in mind, to allow SIP softphones and videophones to get off the local firewall without forcing the end user to communicate with network IT managers to do so or even worse mess with their firewall ports themselves" Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Hotsip is a global leader in providing infrastructure and multimedia communication applications for large scale SIP enabled networks. The company offers a combined SIP and Presence application server (Hotsip ¨ M2CETM) and a software PC client (Hotsip ¨ Active Contacts PCTM) to service providers, system integrators and OEM partners. Hotsip's server product can be delivered stand-alone or combined with the software client to provide IP-based multimedia applications such as IP-telephony, video telephony, personal call handling and presence. Hotsip's carrier-grade products have been commercially deployed in Europe and Asia." Based in Stockholm, Sweden

IPTel: SIP Express Router:
"SIP Express Router (ser) is a high-performance, configurable, free SIP ( RFC3261 ) server . It can act as SIP registrar, proxy or redirect server. SER features an application-server interface, presence support, SMS gateway, SIMPLE2Jabber gateway, RADIUS/syslog accounting and authorization, server status monitoring, FCP security, etc. Web-based user provisioning, serweb, available." Based in 10589 Berlin, Germany

Acme Packet:
"Enabling peak performance for interactive communications across IP network borders, so service providers can increase their revenues and profits by delivering new voice, video, and multimedia applications" Based in Woburn, MA, USA

Cisco Carrier Routing System (CRS-1):
"The CRS-1 will let carriers confidently migrate all of their existing communications infrastructures for voice, video, and data onto a single, packet infrastructure, helping greatly reduce capital costs and operating expenses.… What would you do with 90 Terabits per second?" Based in San Jose, CA 95134 USA

Mera VoIP:
"MERA VoIP products are targeted at companies looking to reduce telecommunications expenses by moving voice traffic to packet networks." Hardware products include a VoIP Transit Softswitch (Softswitch Class 4), Calling Card Platform, and a VoIP Key System (Corporate Solution). Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Additional offices Russia

Pika Technologies:
"PIKA Technologies is an innovative manufacturer of affordable voice cards" Based in Ottawa, ON, Canada

"Licensing Services, CODEC Solustions, Multimedia Content Adaptation." Based in Montreal (Quebec) H3R 2H6 Canada

Syndeo Corporation:
"Premier provider of CLASS 5/local exchange softswitch and services platforms." Based in Campbell, CA 95008 USA

"BroadSoft's network communications platform, BroadWorks, provides a comprehensive range of applications including IP Centrex, Hosted PBX, Enhanced Networking, Conferencing, and Voice VPN. " Based in Gaithersburg, MD 20877 USA, Ville St-Laurent, QC H4T 1Z2, Canada

Vocal Data:
"Hosted IP Telephony applications for IP Telephony service providers to deliver voice over IP, both full-featured IP Centrex and residential services." Based in Richardson, Texas, USA

Sylantro - IP Centrex for Carriers:
"Sylantro's carrier-grade applications offer Hosted PBX & IP Centrex features and other advanced applications that bring value back to voice and data offerings." Based in Campbell, CA, USA

"adopt the position that true Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) traffic terminating on the public switched telephone network (PSTN) will be free from access charges. Additionally, Qwest also plans to begin offering local services to VoIP providers that will allow them to serve customers in a more efficient and cost-effective manner." Based in US

JSR 180: SIP API for J2ME:
" SIP API for J2ME defines a multipurpose SIP API for J2ME clients. It enables SIP applications to be executed in memory limited terminals, especially targeting to mobile phones."

Samsung VoIP Solutions:
"high quality and low-cost IP-telephony services that are designed to support various interfaces with your PBX."

"Call Centre, Billing and CRM Solutions: offers software products and solutions that aim at creating new generation information systems, which enable voice, data and video processing within the same software architecture." Based in Russia

Audio Codes:
"AudioCodes Ltd. produces voice over IP, voice over DSL, and voice over ATM packet processors. Leading the voice convergence application market, we also make Media Gateways and voIP communication boards." Based in Yehud and Lod, Israel, with marketing and sales offices in the United States in San Jose, Boston, and Chicago and in Beijing, China.

"VOIP billing software/system which supports all kind of billing options for example prepaid, postpaid, pinless, pin based, runs on Windows/Linux/Solaris." Based in Los Angeles CA, USA, R&D Islamabad, Pakistan

"…accounting and management solutions for voice, data and IP services. MIND's end-to-end billing and customer care solutions enable providers to provision, rate and bill for wireless, broadband, wireline and next-generation communication services." Based in Yoqneam Israel, and Iasi, Romania

Voice Age:
"VoiceAge is a leading provider of multimedia codec solutions adapted to specific market requirements for mobile handsets, consumer electronic devices, entertainment and telephony infrastructures" Based in Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo, Japan

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