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I am using Open Source in this context to refer to the evolution of non-proprietary material. As we continue to see increasing closure of corporate IP ( intelletual property ) we also have seen the raise of a wide range of options to licence material for re-use and development by others. The most familiar examples are Open Source Software, where the term originates. The concept of a digital commons has recently been adopted for many other forms of creative expression. There are benifits arising from common use licencing in the creation of standards, brands, markets, and other recognizable entities. As a result open source is increasingly being used by corporations. These concepts change the underlying models we use to create wealth, in the broadest sense of the term. I intent to identify interesting or key ideas and organizations.

FFII: Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure:
" The FFII is a not-for-profit association active in over fifty countries, dedicated to the development of information goods for the public benefit, based on copyright, free competition, and open standards. More than 850 members, 3,500 companies and 100,000 supporters have entrusted the FFII to act as their voice in public policy questions concerning exclusion rights (intellectual property) in data processing." Based in Brussels

OSRM: Open Source Risk Management:
" OSRM's vision is of a world "made safe for Open Source" - a world in which the unique freedoms and efficiencies of the Open Source Software Development Model are fully protected through comprehensive, low-cost vendor-neutral Open Source Protection available to end-users, developers, and vendors."

Based in New York, NY 10019. Founder Daniel Egger

OSDL: Open Source Development Labs:
"home to Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux - is dedicated to accelerating the growth and adoption of Linux in the enterprise. Founded in 2000 and supported by a global consortium of IT industry leaders, OSDL is a non-profit organization that provides state-of the-art computing and test facilities in the United States and Japan available to developers around the world. OSDL's founding members are IBM, HP, CA, Intel, and NEC. A complete list of OSDL member organizations is provided on the member page at OSDL Members." Based in Beaverton, OR 97005.

OSTG: Open Source Technology Group:
"formerly Open Source Development Network (OSDN), has had its roots in the technology community since its early days as the ground-breaking tech network Founded in 1996 with the mission to provide unbiased content, community, and commerce for the Linux and Open Source communities, grew in community relevance and popularity by adding the provocative community-centric sites Slashdot and to its technology group, and ThinkGeek and to its e-commerce division. After its acquisition by VA Software Corp. (NASDAQ: LNUX) in early 2000 and the introduction of and, the network cemented its position as the Internet's leading destination for the Linux and Open Source community." Based in Bellevue, WA, 98004, USA

"At SourceLabs, our mission is to free customers from software lock-in, while providing the integration, dependability and support required for real world systems." Based in Bellevue, WA, 98004, USA

"SpikeSource is an Open Source IT Services company, offering integrated, validated and certified open source stacks with ongoing maintenance, and enterprise-class support services." Based in Menlo Park, CA 94025

"OpenLogic's BlueGlue automatically installs, configures, integrates, tests and updates over 100 top Open Source projects, freeing developers from countless hours of system administration drudgery." Based in Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Open Source Health Care Resources:
A list of annotated links to health care software. May not be current. A useful list all the same.

Jenny Everywhere, a.k.a. "the shifter":
"Open Source Comic Character Seeks Sensitive Creator-Types. She's open source! She's multidimensional! That's right, the character of Jenny Everywhere may be used without permission by anyone. And you won't have any continuity concerns with The Shifter, because... because she shifts."

AsiaOSC: Asian Open Source Centre:
"Promoting open source and free software in Asia"

Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS) References:
"This short paper gives links to important pages related to Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS). This idea / movement / community has risen to prominence, and I've found it very interesting. The following are the links I've found most helpful to understanding it."

MIT Open CourseWare:
"A free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world. OCW supports MIT's mission to advance knowledge and education, and serve the world in the 21st century. It is true to MIT's values of excellence, innovation, and leadership."

iBiblio: The Public's Library and Digital Archive:
Focus on the written word this site covers a lot of ground. Their links include many languages and include everything from poetry to documentation.

Creative Commons:
"Creative Commons is devoted to expanding the range of creative work available for others to build upon and share." Creative Commons facilitates a range of licences that enable both the producer of a work, and someone who wants to incorporate that work in another context. The producer decides in the context of the licence what to make available, to whom, and under what conditions. This type of licensing could potentially cover any intellectual property. Currently it is being applied to artists Musicians, Photographers & Illustrators, Writers & Bloggers, Filmmakers, and Educators & Scholars

ThinkCycle: Open Collaborative Design:
"ThinkCycle is an academic, non-profit initiative engaged in supporting distributed collaboration towards design challenges facing underserved communities and the environment. ThinkCycle seeks to create a culture of open source design innovation, with ongoing collaboration among individuals, communities and organizations around the world."

CAMBIA: Center for the Application of Molecular Biology to International Agriculture:
"Our institutional ethos is built around an awareness of the need and opportunity for local commitment to achieving lasting solutions to food security, agricultural and environmental problems. We envision a situation in which the broadest community of researchers and farmers are empowered with dramatic new technologies to become innovators in developing their own solutions to the challenges they face - solutions for which they feel ownership. A clear vision of what aspects of the status quo we wish to change and what positive outcomes we wish to see guides our activities. … CAMBIA wishes to see a vibrant public and private sector contributing myriad solutions to the diverse challenges of food security worldwide. This vision requires the development and delivery of new enabling technologies and skills that can break the logjam that is stifling creative business and public initiatives. This in turn will allow diverse players to regain and appropriate measure of control over research, breeding, utilization of genetic diversity and management of agricultural systems."

PLoS: Public Library of Science:
PLoS Biology:
PLoS Medicine:
"The Public Library of Science (PLoS) is a non-profit organization of scientists and physicians committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource." This business model for scientific publishing treats the costs of publication as the final integral step of the funding of a research project.

O3: The Open Source Enterprise Data Networking Magazine:
"The premier issue looks at reducing voice infrastructure costs with open source telephony solutions, a look at multilayer switching support in Linux, an introduction to open source IDS, google hacks and much more.. O3 is distributed free of charge in Letter format … You are free to mirror and redistribute O3 magazine, provided it is distributed without modification"
Published by Splice Networks
Based in Athens, OH, USA

Open Currency:
Can money be created to fill the specific needs of the people using it ? "It is now time for the open source movement to intersect with the complementary currency movement. The synchronicity of this intersection has the potential of producing some remarkable results. Each can feed off what the other one lacks."

Wikipedia: Open Content:
Definition, Open Content Projects, Related Topics, Licences and External Links. "Open content, coined by analogy with open source, describes any kind of creative work (for example, articles, pictures, audio, video, etc.) that is published under a copyright license, or in the public domain, in a format that explicitly allows the copying of the information."

Open Content and Value Creation:
"Open content value chains look much the same as commercial value chains, but there are also some major differences. In a commercial value chain, the consumer's needs trigger the entire chain of value creation. My studies indicate that an open content value chain is often triggered by what the creators and producers wish to make available as open content. … Perhaps the best explanation is that the value chain contains mixed triggers, that is a mix of end users and producers/creators. The driving forces are not only a part of the value chain, but also parts of personal motivations and benefits to the society."

Independent Media Center:
"Post your news instantly upload your audio, video, photo or text directly from your browser." Using a wide range of media localized geographically around the world IMC provides an alternative to commercial mainstream media. Scroll down to see regional sites on the left side of the page, news features on the right.

E: Capability-based Smart Contracts:
"E the secure distributed pure-object platform and p2p scripting language for writing Capability-based Smart Contracts. … E defines and implements a pure object model of secure distributed persistent computation."

Minex 3:
" MINIX 3 is a new open-source operating system designed to be highly reliable and secure. It is based somewhat on previous versions of MINIX, but is fundamentally different in many key ways. MINIX 1 and 2 were intended as teaching tools; MINIX 3 adds the new goal of being usable as a serious system on resource-limited and embedded computers and for applications requiring high reliability.… MINIX was released in 1987 as a small easy-to-understand UNIX clone for use in courses teaching operating systems. Linus Torvalds, then a student at the University of Helsinki, studied MINIX in an operating systems course and was sufficiently impressed that he bought a PC to run it. He then used MINIX as a platform, guide, and inspiration to develop a MINIX clone, named Linux, which he released in 1991. …"
BSD Licence

MIT $100 Laptop:
" The $100 laptop is being developed by One Laptop per Child (OLPC), an independent, non-profit association based on the "constructionist" theories of learning pioneered by Seymour Papert and later Alan Kay. It is totally separate from MIT, with its own board, executives, location, and staff. Its founding members are AMD, Brightstar, Google, News Corporation, and Red Hat, all of whom have funded both OLPC and the MIT Media Lab.… The proposed $100 machine will be a Linux-based, full-color, full-screen laptop that will use innovative power (including wind-up) and will be able to do most everything except store huge amounts of data. These rugged laptops will be WiFi- and cell phone-enabled, and have USB ports galore. Its current specifications are: 500MHz, 1GB, 1 Megapixel." Open Source ? Not in the most conventional way but perhaps the spirit of the project is the most important aspect here.

OSBC | Open Source Business Conference:
" The Open Source Business Conference™ is the only event that provides an educational forum for business leaders (both IT buyers and vendors), lawyers and venture capitalists focusing on the opportunities and challenges that open source technology presents. Attend this exceptional conference program led by well known thought leaders and industry executives and become part of the event where important issues are discussed and the future will be determined."
OSBC East, Newton, MA, USA, November 1-2 / 2005

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