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Community Broadband Investment

Canadian ISP: The first and only website to allow consumers a one stop shop to find, rate, and compare any internet service provider (Dial-up, ISDN, DSL, Cable, Satellite, Point to Point and Wireless) and their services anywhere in Canada.

Getting a Lock on Broadband: ( June 7, 2002 )
How the FCC is paving the way for a few big companies to control everyone's high-speed Internet access.

Home Is Where The Fast Internet Access Is: Developers Use High-Speed Hookups as a Hot New Selling Point ( Aug 31, 2002 )
"For the next year or two we can make it into a sales tool," said Loudoun County developer Bruce Brownell, who has decided to put in a fiber-optic network for the first time in one of his projects in a townhouse complex in Purcellville. "If you go much beyond that, it'll be a problem if you don't have it."

Kodak, TI Set Stage For Digital Cinema Expansion ( October 15, 2001 )
Recent breakthroughs in digital technology could light a new path for the nation's movie theater operators, after thousands of screens were darkened by bankruptcy.

Broadband Voice Rises ( August 27, 2001 )
Venture capitalists are tossing money at contenders building products that send voice over broadband technologies, even as regional Bells hold their noses &emdash; and their wallets &emdash; in reaction to technology that's as tasty to them as cannibalism.

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