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Wired Communities: Putting the e in Public Health
Jan 31, 2003, Handouts and Resources
Information and communications technology have become the cornerstones of public health practice in the 21st century. At a time when communities are preparing to respond to any public health crisis in a matter of hours and even minutes, the speed with which we communicate and access information becomes crucial. Online resources, innovative software, and sophisticated equipment provide the necessary tools, but it is the exchange of information that makes a difference in a wired community.

APPA Community Broadband Conference
Workshop Presentations from October, 2002
American Public Power Association (APPA)
Community Broaband Conference

Partnering for E-Business
October 17, 2002 at the Eaton Centre Marriott in Toronto.
Electronic business promises to be a major generator of jobs and growth within this century through improvements in the productivity of business, growth in consumer transactions, and development of the supporting information technology infrastructure. Experience has shown that early leaders quickly establish market dominance. Those who enter first are able to help shape evolving rules as well as business and consumer behavior.

CANARIE's 8th Annual Advanced Networks Workshop
November 18-20, 2002, Hotel Wyndham Montréal Quebec
The new, exciting third wave is the integration of applications and high speed networks into a new paradigm often referred to as "Web Services" or the "Semantic Web".

Building Demand for Broadband
( Annual Conference October 6 - 9, 2002 ) Des Moines, Iowa
While rural places in the U.S. continue to make gains in bridging the digital divide, many are still unserved or underserved by high speed telecommunications. Some areas that have made gains in achieving access to high speed, continue to struggle with populations who are not 'technology savvy' and are therefore not taking full advantage of the power of the world wide web to create wealth while allowing them to enjoy the benefits of living in a rural setting.

GlobalCN 2002
III Global Summit on Community Networking in the Digital Era
Montreal (Québec) Canada, 7 - 13 October 2002
If it is possible to speak of a true information society today, it is because the last ten years have witnessed the growth of thousands of diverse initiatives for grassroots use of the Internet and other communication technologies. Community networks take different forms and names depending on the economic or sociocultural context in which they evolve: "community networks," "freenets," "community learning networks," "community technology centers," "community health centres," "telecenters," "smart communities," "digital cities." They reflect the will, creativity and capacity of citizens acting at every level, local to international, to take their rightful place in the evolving information society and support socioeconomic development leading to sustainable communities.

Municipal & Community-Owned & Operated Broadband Networks
( August 27-28, 2001 ) San Francisco, California
Strategies for Community and Municipal Government to deliver High-speed Broadband communications and Community Networking services to residential and business constituents.

SMART 2000 Conference: Calgary, Alberta ( October 23 2000 )

Broadband Home Conferences
To date, we have held five Broadband Home Conferences. They have drewn more than 600 attendees from more than 25 countries around the world, spanning all sectors of the industry ecosystem.

1st Annual BCNET Advanced Networks Conference: "Expanding Optical Networks in BC"
( March 27, 2001 )

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