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A Human Anatomy

What People Are Saying

"For students who need to hear or interact physically with something they want to learn, this CD is exactly what the doctor ordered I would make it an absolutely vital reference source (especially if each student had the Anatomy Coloring Book as a text) for any anatomy or biology course at the high school level."

Judith P. Sweeney, Coordinator,
Connecticut's Special Education Network for Software
Evaluation. From the ConnSENSE Journal

"The Anatomist represents a truly useful piece of educational software and one that is exceptionally easy to use and packed with a great deal of good information."

Kenneth E. Schnobrich, Apple Teaching Fellow
Science Chairperson, Clarence Schools, Clarence, New York

The graphics in this stack are excellent, it is a superb reference tool for students planning to continue their studies in human anatomy."

Educators Comments, Macintosh Educational Software Guide

"Anatomist is an excellent example of how a CD-ROM disc can provide a whole new dimension and versatility to the study of a particular topic."

CD-ROM Professional



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