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Anatomist is a complete general human anatomy for MacOS. Initially developed for post secondary allied health/life sciences education Anatomist has be adopted by a wide range of professionals and students.

While used by lawyers for court room presentation, reference and education, and by doctors at HMO's to provide patients with information, the primary audience for this product are the many people who require a knowledge of human anatomy for their profession. Originally designed for post secondary allied health/life sciences, Anatomist has also been widely used in high schools. Anatomist focuses on the process of learning human anatomy, so while content is important, we believe, that how it is delivered will be reflected in how well it is learned.

Created as a richly integrated software application, Anatomist incorporates illustration, human speech, reference text, and personal annotation with hypermedia access.

As a convenient reference, Anatomist can be used to explore the details of human anatomy. Students will make extensive use of the text that accompanies the diagrams, and they can supplement the information with personal notes of their own. Spoken pronunciations of anatomical terms are available to familiarize students with new vocabulary. The package is based on material from "The Anatomy Coloring Book" by Wynn Kapit and Lawrence M. Elson, Ph.D., and is designed to complement the process of study provided by the book.

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Other Anatomy References




Ordering The Anatomist

Anatomist is not currently available. If you have an interest licencing in our unique educational pedigy for other complex topics please contact us.


Other Anatomy References

We have collected, sorted and annotated a wide range of Internet Anatomy References. If you have or know of a reference that should be listed here please tell us.

These resources are for those with an interest in human anatomy, either professional or recreational. It contains some of the best sites available via WWW, gopher, telnet, or newsgroups. The list is long, so it is divided into the following subcategories:



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