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A Human Anatomy

Features include:

  • Hypermedia format facilitates ease of learning by making exploration intuitive and direct.


  • Simultaneous identification of anatomical terms using text, graphics, and human speech


  • Rotations, sections, and magnified views that provide the best view to detailed anatomy.


  • Descriptive text is always available to describe and elaborate the illustrations.


  • Ability to incorporate lecture notes or course syllabi throughout the program that students and instructors can augment with their own notes.


  • Multiple sets of notes can be used and printed.


  • Ability to study material at a system level, moving between various body regions; or by body region, moving between systems with in that region.


  • More than 500 illustrations and more than 2500 terms identified by text, speech and illustration.


  • Navigation by icon, palette, menu and full text search.


  • By pointing and clicking on icons non-readers can use Anatomist.


  • An audio quiz on current vocabulary is always available.


  • Anatomical terms can be identified using Apple's speech recognition system which is available.


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