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Anatomist: A Human Anatomy CD-ROM
Anatomist is a complete general human anatomy CD-ROM for MacOS. Initially developed for post secondary allied health/life sciences education Anatomist has be adopted by a wide range of professionals and students.


Medical Gross Anatomy
The Medical Education Network from Loyola University presents teaching materials for gross anatomy. (Medical Education Network Home Page)


The Interactive Patient
"The Interactive Patient" is a truly unique teaching program that allows physicians, residents and medical students to simulate an actual patient encounter over the World Wide Web.


Human Neuroscience Tutorial
Information on how to obtain a free tutorial program to learn about the human nervous system.


Gross Anatomy - List of Three's
The structure of the human body is organized into groups of three with remarkable frequency. I have listed several examples of this tendency by region.


Human Anatomy - Test Extremities and Back
A quiz from Emery University on the anatomy of the extremities and back.


Anatomy Practice Quizzes
A seven week program of quizzes for anatomy students.


Gross Anatomy Quiz - Head and Neck
A series of nineteen questions to test your knowledge on head and neck anatomy.


Resources for Teaching and Learning in Medicine and Health Care
An excellent site sponsored by the University of Pittsburg to make available on-line teaching resources for medical and health care professionals.


Medical Courses and Learning Tools
A site with many learning resources for students and teachers (available through The Medical Education Page)


Medical Education Page
A great site for all sorts of medical information, i.e. med schools, medical indices and learning tools.


The Medical Education Page
An excellent source of medical information, i.e. medical school info., tutorials, teaching info., etc. These pages should be of use to medical, pre-medical students, or anyone interested in medicine and medical education.


Medical / Educational Internet Sites
The University of Calgary has gathered together an extensive list of medical/educational Internet sites.


Metronome Online Press
We are currently assembling an online catalog of continuing professional education in each section (medical, nursing,dental).


Medical Educational Software
A gopher location with available med-ed software for various platforms.


Biomedical Educational Shareware
A gopher resource for biomed educational software for various platforms.


The UCI Medical Education Software Repository
An ftp site for a variety of medical educational software for various platforms.


Medical Software
University of Valencia's repository for medical software for PC and MAC.


The Levit Radiologic-Pathologic Institute
The University of Texas resource page for health/medical professional information and teaching material.


Multimedia Anatomy Tutorial-Internet Delivery Tests
This demo of MAT is designed to test the delivery of interactive documents to both Mac and Windows platform. It is a sit.hqx file for Mac and zip for Windowsand must be downloaded and UnStuffed to play. This is part of University of San Francisco's Visible Embryo project.


Educational Resources
A listing by subject matter of on-line educational material.


Healthwise is the Health Education and Wellness program of Columbia University Health Service. We are a team of professional and peer educators committed to helping you make choices that will contribute to your personal health and happiness, the well-being of others, and to the planet we share.


Misc. Education Medical
Access to the newsgroup, FAQ and "what's new" .


Medical Education and Computers
A small article from Yale University discussing facilities for computer learning in medicine and the med-ed programs they use.


South Carolina ETV
South Carolina ETV works closely with the Medical University of South Carolina, the Department of Health and Environmental Control and other health related agencies to deliver a wide variety of medically oriented programming.


Scientific/Educational Newsgroups
Here are a few newsgroups that may be of interest:
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