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Medical Centers and Medical Schools
An extensive list from MedWeb of medical schools and centers around the world.


Medical Schools and Information
A long list of world-wide medical school gopher sites.


Human Anatomy and Physiology
Cornell University has placed some its course information on-line, as well, they have provided a list of anatomy-related sites to explore.


Undergraduate preparation for doctoral degree programs in the health professions - Duke University
This guide is intended for Duke undergraduates who are making decisions about their majors and course selections as they relate to career preparation in the health professions and natural sciences.


Fujita Health University
An information centre for the University and some of its projects.


Penn State College of Medicine - Dept. Neuroscience and Anatomy
The site for information on the College's courses and faculty. It offers links to resources for neuroscience images and computational neuroscience information.


New Jersey's University of the Health Sciences
School of Osteopathic Medicine information regarding curriculum, requirements, faculty, etc.


Simon Fraser University - Centre for Distance Education
A listing of courses offered in Spring '95 through the CDE. Anatomy courses are made available through the Dept. of Kinesiology.


University of British Columbia - Faculty of Medicine
A very thorough page from the University on their curriculum and offers links to medical information on WWW.


University of California, Irvine - Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology
This site is presently under construction, but does have links to course information, requirements and faculty.


University College London Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology
The University College London's site for information available concerning courses, on-going research, faculty and upcoming events.


University of Florida - Courseware for Microscopic, Radiologic, and Gross Anatomy
The University of Florida has placed on-line the highlights of certain anatomy courses and their approach to teaching the subject. An interesting look at the innovations of teaching anatomy.


University of Lund - Department of Anatomy
You will find some information about the department, staff, research projects and other related items. This page is also available in Swedish.


University of South Florida - Department of Anatomy
University information regarding faculty and availble courses.


University of Sydney, Australia - Department of Anatomy and Histology
A very sparse site with only three links to departmental information.


The University of Vermont College of Medicine
An information resource for those interested in the College's Dept. of Medicine.


University of Western Ontario - Faculty of Medicine
A new page from the University about courses and faculty.


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