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Anatomy Resources



UW Radiology Webserver
A great resource site from the University of Washington. It offers teaching modules for radiology and anatomy with very clear MRI scans. A listing of positions available at UW, as well as research project information and software products for imaging analysis. (Updated weekly)


Radiological Society of America
The Radiological Society of America offers an extremely detailed on-line resources site for individual in the medical/scientific field. Teaching materials are available for many disciplines.


Biosciences Index
Harvard University's searchable Biosciences Index is a repository for all WWW bioscience information.


Science: Biology: Anatomy/Search results from Yahoo
These are the search results obtained from Yahoo (a hierarchical index on the Web). It is brief, but there are some very useful leads.


The Virtual Hospital
Brought to you by the Electric Differential Multimedia Laboratory, Department of Radiology, University of Iowa College of Medicine, this is a resource for health care providers and patients. For health care providers there are links to interesting teaching materials.


Neurosciences on the Internet
There are many neuroscience resources to explore on the Internet with World Wide Web browsers and other tools. The initial sections of this index list neuroscience sites are ideal starting points for such exploration, they include a section on images, i.e. neurotanatomy.

Scientific Newsgroups
Here are a few newsgroups that may be of interest:
  • bionet.
  • bit.listserv.biojobs
  • bit.listserv.medlib-l
  • bit.listserv.mednews
  • alt.image.medical


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