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Human Anatomy On-Line
The Visible Man is an incredibly detailed atlas of human anatomy, created from thousands of images of a human body collected with state-of-the-art radiographic and photographic techniques.

Visible Human Project
National Institute of Health's gopher site for information and sample images of the Visible Human Project.

University of Washington's Digital Anatomist
The Digital Anatomist is a project of UW to create a resource of gross anatomy images on-line. You can link to 3-D images or to on-going projects at the UW.

University of Washington's Brain Project - Current Progress
For current information on the progress of the Brain Visualization Project of UW. They describe their methodology and tools they are using to accomplish their goals.

Harvard University's Whole Brain Atlas Navigator
This is a series of MR and SPECT scans accessed in sequence and offers different view points for study.

The Visual Embryo Project
The Visible Embryo Project is a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary research project to develop such a large-scale distributed computational resource "center" to support research, education, and health care relating to developmental biology.

The Virtual Heart
Explore the heart. Discover the complexities of its development and structure. Learn how to have a healthy heart and how to monitor your heart's health. Look back at the history of heart science.

SUMMIT (Stanford University Medical Media and Information Technologies Group)
Summit is a research and development center dedicated to the exploration of new applications of computers in medical education and information exchange, and to the construction of a rich, computer-based learning environment for the medical student and practitioner.

Projects - Medical Informatics and Computer assisted Education (MICE)
The section for Medical Informatics and Computer assisted Education (MICE) of MEDNET list this project among more than 20 other multimedia projects.

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