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What's Anatomy today?
A modern definition of the subject of anatomy.


Conference Announcement: Telemedicine and the Law
A Landmark Conference: Resolving the Legal, Ethical and Policy Challenges to Medical Information Technology, July 13-14, 1995,Pasadena Center, Pasadena, CA, Ph. (303) 572-5490.


The Medical Research Council of Canada
The Medical Research Council of Canada (MRC) is the major federal agency responsible for funding biomedical research in Canada.


Science and Technology - Networking Guide for British Columbia
This guide, which has been prepared by the Ministry of Employment and Investment, documents private and public sector science and technology information sources, services, programs and contacts. It is intended to assist both the public and private sector in the identification of expertise, assistance and technology-based opportunities.


BC Science & Technology Awareness Guide
It is a guide to science and technology awareness activities and resources available throughout the province. It is intended to be used as a reference guide for educators, groups or institutions interested in organizing science awareness initiatives at the school and community level.


The Cyberspace Telemedicine Office
This is a commercial service provider for health care professionals and patients. It is designed to be a one stop shop for health and wellness information, products, and services. Membership is required for full access.


Association of Students of the Radiologic Sciences
The Association of Students of the Radiologic Sciences (ASRS) is an international society organized for students affiliated or interested in radiology, radiologic technology, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, health physics,and associated disciplines.


Injury Control Resource Information Network
A dynamic list of Internet accessible resources broadly related to the field of injury research and control.


University of Florida - Medical Informatics
A good site for all sorts of new technological developments in the medical community.


Physician Assistant Home Page
The internet's first and foremost resource for and about the Physician Assistant profession.


DeathNET offers a wide range of materials related to the legal, moral, medical, historical and cultural aspects of human mortality. Most of these materials are not readily available from any other source on or off the Internet.


The Walter Reed Medical Museum
Just a bit of information on the Walter Reed Medical Museum, located in Washington, D.C., the largest medical museum in the country. Its collection of historical as well as pathological materials comprise a fascinating display.


The Interactive BodyMind Information System - a non-profit organization dedicated to reuniting the art of healing and the science of medicine. This WWW site offers information about and materials from IBIS. It is NOT a working version of IBIS. In the not too distant future an on-line WWW version of IBIS will be available for health care professionals.


Neural and Multimedia Center
This is a neural and multimedia center for solving real-world problems including VLSI CAD, medical imaging, molecular biology, operations research, mathematics, games, management science, and computer-art.


Newton Medical Applications
A web site devoted to medical applications of the Newton PDA. Medicine is one field that can benefit from convenient and online access to large amounts of reference information, as well as handheld access to communications and analysis capabilities.


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